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Tacitus W Bond Photojournalist
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Biographical Sketch & Contact Information, Links to other sites


A Biographical Sketch of Tacitus W. Bond
Phil Carspecken

Tacitus began photography in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. He formed a friendship with a local photographer named J. C. Wattkins who let him use his darkroom. In his early twenties he began doing freelance work for the Port Arthur News United Press International and the Texas Highway Department.After moving to Chicago, he worked for several architects as an architectural photographer and draftsman. He then opened a studio at 666 North Lakeshore drive and did fashion, product: and food photography. The emphasis of his work now is photojournalism; and travel photography with an wedding or two thrown in for good measure.

Tacitus was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellency in Photography by the European press Photographers Association.

Tacitus is a member of Christians In Photojournalism, The National Press Photographers Association, Photographerd Direct and International News Photographers in Paris France 
Tacitus will accept assignments all over the world

Tacitus W. Bond Photojournalist
2502 East Jarvis Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211
Phone:414 332 8874
Cell: 414 704 2887

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